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Heliocor, 288 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 4QP
Dokstor is an AI-enabled, multi-channel KYC platform that accelerates and simplifies the On-Boarding of customers, whether individuals, corporates, or employees. 
  1. Faster On-Boarding
  2. Easier document gathering and centralised document management
  3. Reduced manual re-typing of data 
  4. AI to support validation of identity and address documents
  5. Integrated external data sources for AML screening and business information
  6. Improved risk assessment and management
  7. Coordinated case management and workflows for teams
  8. Customised On-Boarding for CDD, EDD and Simplified Due Diligence of registered companies 
  9. Reduction of cost for the KYC process

Age Verification

Straightforward document validation using Dokstor's HotSpot pixel-level forensics through our API, providing age verification.

Simple Identity Verification

Light KYC for of individuals using basic identity documents and selfies, including:
  1. KYC onboarding of persons
  2. Identity document and selfie collection using Dokstor CAFe
  3. HotSpot pixel-level forensics validation
  4. Dokstor Back-Office functionality 
  5. Mobile SDK
  6. API access 

Basic KYC for Individuals With AML Screening

As above but also including:
  1. Address validation against third party data sources 
  2. Collection of additional, configurable documents  supporting two types of CDD and three types of extended, enhanced and high risk profiles
  3. Highly configurable AML (PEP Sanction) screening checks against Dow Jones with AutoMatch and AutoClear 
  4. Ongoing AML Screening
  5. Summary report of onboarding profile for simplified Regulatory Reporting responses

High Risk KYC for Individuals

Full KYC of individuals with AML screening, risk assessment, and workflow support for team work, including four-eye approval.  With the addition of:
  1. Highly configurable customer risk scoring with a number of predefined UN and FATF compliant risk score profiles 
  2. Ability to link accounts belonging to the same customer, linked / related customers and companies
  3. Workflow and team support with permission-controlled access and four-eye customer approval
  4. Full audit trail of onboarding process

Verified KYC for Individuals and Corporates

A comprehensive KYC onboarding solution for both individuals and corporations, including all the functionality defined above with the addition of :
  1. Integration with global data sources for validation of individuals 
  2. Integration with external data sources for international corporate validation covering local national company registrations of 150+ countries
  3. Access to adverse media and automated rechecks
  4. Capture of data and documents covering company directors, shareholders, and UBOs 
  5. Inclusion of AML risks and corporate checks in risk scoring

CRM Integrated KYC for Individuals and Corporates

Includes all of the above functionality with two-way synchronisation of data with your CRM system
Dokstor’s On-Boarding process removes the administrative overhead of collecting documentation. It moves the process from one driven by the organisation to one that is self-administered by the end-customer, saving time for all concerned. Effectively, the organisation configures what data and documents are required, then the customer on-boards themselves. The organisation’s internal team moves from a labour intensive administration function to an efficient, exception-based, high value-add approach.


Dokstor simplifies and automates the process of On-Boarding customers by automating the capture, validation, and storage of documents. Dokstor also automates the process of identifying when documents are out of date and requesting replacements.
Document Repository
Stores customers' confidential documents securely and encrypted, so you never need to go searching for them again.
Alerts and reminders
Sets reminders in advance when your documents are going to expire.
GDPR compliant
Doksor makes it easy to share documents with financial institutions when they need to be used for KYC and onboarding. Done in a GDPR compliant manner.
Fast On-Boarding
It is easy for employees to manage the KYC On-Boarding process, to the pleasure of your customers.