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“Gamers need to provide identity and age verification, but it is imperative that gaming companies provide an easy-to-use, rapid On-Boarding process in order to ensure that they don’t lose potential customers. If it’s hard to join, they’ll go elsewhere.”

Gaming and betting operators need to be both compliant and competitive. Often these can seem to be contradictory, but with a fluid process and a great user interface both can be achieved. 

Regulations require that gaming companies verify identity, age, location, and source of funds of their customers. This is done to protect the business from bad actors. But of course, this has to be done in a way that doesn’t overburden the customer and make the On-Boarding process overly complicated and slow.


The Dokstor CAFe and Dokstor mobile app and SDK provide modern tools to interact with your customers. Documents can be requested, gathered, validated, and stored quickly and without little intervention. This way, your gamers can be up and playing without a tedious, long process. For the gamer, the process is easy and non-intrusive. For you, it requires little administrative support and in most cases can be an automatic, straight-through process. 

Also, Dokstor is highly configurable allowing to gather as much or as little data from your customers, allowing you to gather the required information and documents to comply with regulations, while also providing the opportunity to gather additional marketing information that can help push the business forward.

  • Collects data and documentation from customers via web or mobile
  • Automatically validates passports, IDs, and driving licenses
  • Conducts AML checks against all pertinent PEP, sanctions, and crime lists
  • On-boards customers quickly and easily while complying with regulations

By integrating Dokstor with our Heliocor's transaction monitoring technology, Robolitics,  we can provide a layer of analytics to indicate addictive betting and gaming behaviour.  

Dokstor and Robolitics puts you ahead of the market in preventing and managing addicted customers, and meeting the most stringent requirements of regulatory bodies.
Dokstor is an AI-enabled, multi-channel KYC platform that accelerates and simplifies the On-Boarding of customers, whether individuals, corporates, or employees.

Dokstor’s On-Boarding process removes the administrative overhead of collecting documentation. It moves the process from one driven by the organisation to one that is self-administered by the end-customer, saving time for all concerned. Effectively, the organisation configures what data and documents are required, then the customer on-boards themselves. The organisation’s internal team moves from a labour intensive administration function to an efficient, exception-based, high value-add approach.

Documents are captured, machine read, tagged with their own metadata, and saved to the secure document repository. The identity, address, age, and AML screening status of the person can be automatically verified. As a result, much of the administrative overhead is removed, errors are reduced, and significant cost is stripped from the process, for both the On-Boarding team and the sales teams.


It simplifies and automates the process of On-Boarding customers and clients by automating the capture, validating, and storage of ID documents. Dokstor also automates the process of indicating when documents are out of date in order to request a replacement document in line with the institutions policies on re-KYCing of customers. 
Doc Repository
It stores the client’s confidential documents securely and encrypted, so you never need to go searching for them again.
Alerts and reminders
It will remind you in advance when your documents are going to expire.
GDPR compliant
It makes it easy to share documents with financial institutions when they need to be used for KYC and On-Boarding, whilst keeping all this data in a GDPR compliant manner.
Fast On-Boarding
It is easy  for employees to manage the KYC On-Boarding process, to the pleasure of your customers.
A mobile app for capturing information and document during the On-Boarding process. As a result, Dokstor changes a resource intense process into a more enjoyable one that is client self-administered.
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