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Manage your identity quickly and efficiently | dokstor.me

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Dokstor can be used to prove your identity quickly and efficiently to all sorts of organisation. You are in control of your documents and grant the right to see and use the information according to the Global Data Protection Regulations.
Dokstor is designed to capture a variety of docs and information and store it securely and conveniently. Storing them all in one place so that you have them to hand should & when you need them. Documents you can store include:
  • Official Documents: Passports, ID Cards, Driving License
  • Personal documents: Birth Certificate, Marriage certificate, Bank Statement, Utility Bill, Payslip, Proof of Age, “Right to Remain” Residence, Visas 
  • Qualifications
  • Employment documents: Pay Slips, tax Documents.
  • Corporate information: Company registration number / Certificate, P&L, Balance Sheet, Bank statement
  • Insurance details – Certificates Various
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Dokstor is a unique application in that it puts you in control of your data.
In the case of financial services organisation, they will need to save a manage securely this information for several years to meet the need of the banks regulator. However, to access these documents, the bank needs to use our secure encrypted repository to ensure your data is not used for purposed beyond those you have agreed. Dokstor will share updated copies of these documents automatically if you update them saving you time sending copies and updating details.

Equally when starting a new job, you need to often go through a more stringent process of sharing more information than just ID and address. Dokstor enables you to upload this data, sharing more stage by stage as you progress through interview and job offers. Equally with the interview process you can remove access to documents you have shared if you withdraw from the process or don’t reach the next stage.  This gives you total control of your data.
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Dokstor stores all your documents in a secure encrypted repository on your phone. 
When you receive a request to share your documents, it can only come from a secure organisation and will come with a clear set of terms from the requesting organisation stating the reasons they need your data and how they will use it. When you agree to this the documents are shared with the organisation using PPK encryption.

Updated documents will then be shared automatically so if you move address or you replace your passport, identity card or driving license the organisation will automatically be updated. Removing your need to remember to update your linked organisations.
To break this update link simple un-link yourself from the organisation