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It simplifies and automates the process of on-boarding customers and clients by automating the capture, validating, and storage of ID documents. Dokstor also automates the process of identifying when documents are out of date and request of replacement documents, according to each client's policies on re-KYCing of customers. 
The KYC, re-KYCing and on-boarding processes are not complex processes, but they are seldom done well. Not because staff are not committed but because they are administratively heavy. 

The core to this problem is that gathering documents, capturing data from them and storing them in an accessible location is labour intensive. When you add the time spent by sales staff chasing document that are often at home rather than in the office the cost of on boarding is high and can run into tens if not hundreds of dollars pounds or euros.

Reduce wasted time

By moving document capture from photocopy/ scan and email to a direct upload from laptop or smartphone we save the end-customer time too. Eliminating the frustrating process of “trying to remember” to bring documents to the office to scan them and then email. Chaning this to a simple single step of photographing and sharing in a GDPR compliant way.

dokstor can store more than just ID documents and can remind the client when these documents are due to expire or need renewal. Typical documents may include: Qualifications, Employment and Tax information, even Insurance certificates.

Auto-Update of documents

Dokstor shares updated documents where relationships are current. If a dokstor user uploads an updated document, and it is pre-agreed to share this document then an updated copy will be shared with the institution. This enables you to automatically reset the re-KYCing clock. This removes the frustration of being asked to re-KYC over and over again common if a customer has multiple accounts with the institution.

Secure Encrypted Technology

Our App technology stores images and data securely and encrypted on the customer's Smart Phone. Data is then shared using asymmetrical cryptography with the requesting financial institution with whom the client has agreed to share information for Identification reasons. The customer shares only the documents and data requested and that they have agreed to share. 

This data is then stored within your local Robolitics™ on-boarding module behind your firewall or within your secure cloud-based infrastructure. Not our servers. Ever.

Before sharing, the client accepts your terms and conditions in which you state the reasons you need and will use this information. 

GDPR Compliance

GDPR is a game changing regulation. It applies to all European citizens wherever they may be and all citizens of any nationality resident in Europe. Fines for abuse  can be astronomic.

The regulation requires that a company uses customer data only for the purpose agreed; acknowledges that the data is the clients'; and provides a mechanism for the client to make corrections to incorrect data and  for deleting data. 

dokstor meets all these requirements, whilst ensuring that you retain copies of identity documents, according to the agreement  ('attestation') to share when confirming identity for regulatory reasons.

Auto-Fill Forms

Dokstor is a real time system sharing information and documents instantly. This means that data can be fed from Dokstor directly into registration systems reducing the amount of double entry or rekeying of data.

Identify Linked Accounts

One of the core strengths of Dokstor is that it is able to use passport numbers and other client contact to identify personas of customers. 

Institutions seek to sell multiple products to their clients. It is often easier to sell a new service to an existing customer, than win a new client. Whilst institutions have worked hard to join the dots in their retail businesses, it is seldom possible to see these relationships across wealth or corporate accounts. This makes it hard to identify high potential relationships, leading to some very customer unfriendly processes and multiple re-KYCing of customers each year. 

Dokstor is able to 'join' these accounts, using unique identifiers in the customers' ID documents. This leads to many benefits if a client is liable to Extended Due Diligence. 

Identify Fraudulent Accounts

Dokstor can also identify where people are using the same identity documents but are not the same person. When problems are identified, these issues are then passed to a compliance officer to investigate and resolve.

The genuine client can be notified - and the fraudulent client's data passed to the authorities. Adding real loyalty ,building value to protect and secure the genuine clients identity.

Link transaction behavior to best understand client risks

Dokstor is a digital Identity solution that seamlessly integrates with Heliocor’s Robolitics™ platform to perform transaction monitoring and surveillance for Financial Crime. As a result, we are able to risk rate clients as part of the CDD and EDD processes based on transaction risk as well as looking at a broader set of client data that can be shared securely through Dokstor


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Dokstor moves the process of gathering and checking documents from the internal team to the clients. As a result, Dokstor massively reduces reducing manual intervention in a resource intense process.

Documents and data are sent to Robolitics™ and then can then be passed for review or in simple cases auto processed. 
The documents are indexed and stored securely within your fire wall. Updates can be requested automatically and reviewed via your Robolitics™ portal.

Inviting, customers or prospective employees to Dokstor saves time in gathering and sharing data and upload documents. 
An invite to download Dokstor is then sent with an invite to photograph and share the requested documents.  Government issued documents are machine read to improve data accuracy.
Dokstor manage access to these documentation according to both AML regulations and GDPR.
Dokstor can perform PEP and Sanction checks automatically as part of the initial on-boarding process..
PEP / Sanction List solutions tend to surface a lot of clearly irrelevant data. This results in significant time being spent rejecting matches that are clearly not matches and repeating this process month after month. 

These fuzzy matches tend to be very broad in order to push culpability for decision making to the financial institution. Robolitics™, as would any MLRO, looks for much closer matches on Name, Sex, Country of Birth and Year of Birth to reduce the number of matches thus reducing workload.
However, Robolitics™ also remembers when a match is rejected it does not repeat this until the re-KYCing process is initiated.  

Providing that there are no issues identified Robolitics™ can be configured to allow for “straight through processing” of on-boarding once all documentation requested is received. Where issues are identified they are passed to a member of the compliance team for review and if necessary escalation.
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Dokstor seamless integrates with Robolitics™ back office KYC / On-boarding module to manage on-boarding. Dokstor manages the capture and sharing of identity documents whilst Robolitics™ is responsible for the workflow reminding clients to upload and share information.

Dokstor moves the process of gathering and checking documents from the internal team to the clients. As a result, dokstor massively reduces reducing manual intervention in what is a resource intense process cutting for individuals and corporates significantly.