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Heliocor, 288 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 4QP
Dokstor is a KYC, On-Boarding, customer lifecycle platform unlike any other in the market. It delivers a multi-channel platform that has unique functionality to provide a complete end-to-end solution for a wide range of businesses. 

Customer self-onboarding

The Dokstor CAFe makes it easy for individuals and companies to provide their documentation during the KYC process. The easy-to-integrate iframe can be placed within the organisation’s own website, inviting customers to self-enroll.

High configurability

What data and documents are gathered during the onboarding process is totally configurable. Dokstor provides 2 levels of CDD and 3 levels of High-risk On-Boarding for people and corporates. It is also up to each organisation on how much automatic validation takes place, including the possibility for a totally automated straight-through process.

AI-enabled automatic document validation

Our AI is smart. It is able to extract information (using OCR technology) from the uploaded documents, interpret the data, and verify it. 

Integrated external data sources

Dokstor not only enables the extraction of data from customer documents. It also is able to validate these data against external sources. Depending on the jurisdiction, we are able to connect to governmental authorities or other trusted sources, such as our partner CreditSafe which provides global company information, to validate customer data.

Hotspot forensic analysis

Hotspot is a Heliocor built, AI tool which is able to conduct a forensic analysis of documents uploaded by the customer. and analyze them for quality and potential manipulations. Hotspot conducts a pixel-level analysis of the image to verify quality and ensure that no tampering or manipulation of the document has occurred.

Proof of identity / Proof of age / Proof of life

Dokstor supports the validation of ID documents (passports, ID cards, driving licenses, visas) and is able to extract and confirm data such as name, age, gender, nationality, and residence. Combining this with our selfie and video-selfie functionality (in both CAFe and our mobile app and SDK), we are able to ensure that the person submitting the document is the same one as in the document. 

Integrated, automated AML screening

We use Dow Jones, the market leader in AML screening, to verify that customers are not on any sanctions, PEP, crime, or special interest lists. Our validation mechanism facilitates the process of reviewing the results, reducing the time by up to 95%.

Risk assessment

Dokstor provides a highly configurable risk assessment tool. Each organisation can decide which risk parameters should be used in the risk calculation, what are their relative importance (risk weighting), and what risk score to assign to each data value.

Dokstor mobile app and SDK

By using the Dokstor mobile app, or using the Dokstor mobile sdk to incorporate Dokstor functionality in their own apps, organisations turn a resource intense process into one which is much more enjoyable to use.

Case management, workflow, and audit trail

The On-Boarding process is managed with cases which can be assigned to individuals in the team and tracked using the Dokstor Workspace. The system permits the administration of users and roles so each organisation can decide who can do what in the system. All actions taken during the On-Boarding process are recorded in a log which shows who did what and when.

PDF report

To satisfy regulators, clients can export a PDF report of each of its customers. This report details all the data and documents gathered and shows the full audit trail of the on-boarding process.

API and system integration

The Dokstor API makes it easy to integrate internal and third-party systems with the platform. Based upon widely accepted standards (web based micro services using JSON), the API makes it easy to bulk-load customer data, hook into an established CRM platform, or put Dokstor into your operational workflow.