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On-boarding employees and contractors is many times riskier than onboarding customers. Over 80% of financial crime is committed by employees; therefore, it is worth making sure that you have followed a consistent and stringent process.

The amount of information gathered can be significant, and if this can be validated externally, you can be more certain that the candidate is who they say they are. Dokstor KYE automates and simplifies the process of gathering this data and enables you to increase the quality and quantity of employee hirings.
The responsibility to manage a employees or candidates document correctly s obligation under GDPR.
Many regulations are contradictory when it comes to the detail of how they work. GDPR and the right to work checks are one example of this. Under GDPR, the candidate has the right to be in charge of their data and the right to be forgotten. However, under right to work, it’s important that the employer validates that the candidate does have the right to work, and it makes sense to do this check before proceeding into interviews.

However, for many candidates there is a significant concern as to what happens to their documents if they do not proceed with the employment process. And for the employer, there are the risks and costs if they do not make an offer and the data on the candidate then gets misused.

Dokstor fixes this problem. Candidates can share documents, but they remain in control of them with the ability to un-share these should they with draw or be unsuccessful. Equally, if the employer rejects the candidate, the links are broken.
Dokstor’s onboarding process removes the administration overhead of collecting documents, harvesting data from them, and storing them in a secure but findable source, while meeting responsibilities under GDPR. It makes the process self-administered by the employee, saving time for all concerned. Effectively, the employees and contractors onboard themselves, and the internal team's work moves from a labour-intensive job to an exception-based approach. 
  • Faster on-boarding
  • Faster document gathering
  • More accurate data loading; no re-typing data
  • Auto-fill of application forms
  • Significant reduction of cost both for the onboarding and re-KYE processes
Dokstor is an AI-enabled, multi-channel KYC platform that accelerates and simplifies the On-Boarding of customers, whether individuals, corporates, or employees.

Dokstor’s On-Boarding process removes the administrative overhead of collecting documentation. It moves the process from one driven by the organisation to one that is self-administered by the end-customer, saving time for all concerned. Effectively, the organisation configures what data and documents are required, then the customer on-boards themselves. The organisation’s internal team moves from a labour intensive administration function to an efficient, exception-based, high value-add approach.

Documents are captured, machine read, tagged with their own metadata, and saved to the secure document repository. The identity, address, age, and AML screening status of the person can be automatically verified. As a result, much of the administrative overhead is removed, errors are reduced, and significant cost is stripped from the process, for both the On-Boarding team and the sales teams.
Dokstor is a sophisticated digital identity solution. Users are able to add a variety of documents and share them according to an agreement between the company and the candidate. 
Official documents

Passports, ID Cards, Driving Licenses

Personal documents

Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Bank Statements, Utility Bills, Payslips, Proofs of Age, “Right to Remain” Residence Letters, Visas


Degree / School Qualifications, Other Professional Qualifications

Employment documents

Pay Slips, Tax Documents, Employment History

Corporate information

Company Registration Number / Certificate, P&L, Balance Sheet, Bank Statement, List of Directors, VAT No, PAYE details


Dokstor simplifies and automates the process of On-Boarding customers by automating the capture, validation, and storage of documents. Dokstor also automates the process of identifying when documents are out of date and requesting replacements.
Document  Repository
Stores customers' confidential documents securely and encrypted, so you never need to go searching for them again.
Alerts and reminders
Sets reminders in advance when your documents are going to expire.
GDPR compliant
Doksor makes it easy to share documents with financial institutions when they need to be used for KYC and onboarding. Done in a GDPR compliant manner.
Fast On-boarding
It is easy for employees to manage the KYC On-Boarding process, to the pleasure of your customers.
A mobile app for capturing information and document for on-boarding employees. As a result, Dokstor moves a resource-intense process to one that is self-administered and enjoyable.