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KYC and on-boarding processes are not complex processes, but they are seldom done well, not because staff are not committed but because they don't have the right tools to work with. 

The core to this problem is that gathering documents, capturing data from them, and storing them in an central location is labour intensive. The cost of onboarding ican run into tens if not hundreds of dollars, pounds, or euros.

Simple Document Transfer

By changing the document capture from scan / email to a direct upload from laptop or smartphone, we save the end-customer time. This changes a tedious chore  to a simple one, done in a GDPR compliant way.

Dokstor can store all types of documents and can remind the client when they are due to expire or need renewal.  
Typical documents may include: ID cards, driving licenses, passports, residency cards, qualifications, employment and tax information, Insurance certificates, etc..

Secure Encrypted Technology

Data is shared using asymmetrical cryptography. The customer shares only the data and documents requested, and accepts your terms and conditions.

This data is then stored within your local Dokstor platform, behind your firewall or within your secure cloud-based infrastructure. Not our servers. Ever.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR is a game changing regulation. It applies to all European citizens wherever they may be and all citizens of any nationality resident in Europe. Fines for abuse  can be astronomic.

The regulation requires that a company uses customer data only for the purpose agreed; acknowledges that the data is the clients'; and provides a mechanism for the client to make corrections to incorrect data and  for deleting data. 

Dokstor meets all these requirements.

Identify Fraudulent Accounts

One of the core strengths of Dokstor is that it is able to use passport numbers and other client contact to identify customers. 

Dokstor is able to 'join' accounts across an organization, using unique identifiers in the customers' ID documents. This leads to many benefits if a client is liable to Extended Due Diligence. 

Dokstor can also identify where people are using the same identity documents but are not the same person. When problems are identified, these issues are then passed to a compliance officer to investigate and resolve.

The genuine client can be notified - and the fraudulent client's data passed to the authorities. Adding real loyalty and building value to protect and secure the genuine clients identity.

Analyse Transaction Behaviour

Dokstor is a digital Identity solution that seamlessly integrates with Heliocor’s Robolitics™ platform to perform transaction monitoring and surveillance for Financial Crime. As a result, we are able to risk rate clients as part of the CDD and EDD processes based on transaction risk as well as looking at a broader set of client data that can be shared securely through Dokstor.


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